Head of Department

Dr. Arti Omeri

Dear students,

The English Language and Literature Department offers a three-year Bachelor programme, a Master of Science programme in English Language & Literature and a Professional Master in English Language Teaching. The department gives importance to lectures on literary and historical topics and at the same time, creates a congenial atmosphere for close study and constructive discussion of texts through active analysis, urging students to pay personal attention accordingly. In case the students` level of English language is not sufficient to allow them enter the studies in the first year, they need to attend the preparatory school where they learn English well and improve their language skills.

The focus is not only on the British Literature, but also on a comparative approach to understanding the aspects of American and European literatures. All courses the English Language and Literature Department offers are compulsory, even though some courses are included as elective. When a student selects a study programme, that course is considered compulsory.

Our department provides programmes designed according to students` needs and their areas of interest. Because of the need the students of our department have on a number of courses, the semester-based programmes include various writers and detailed collection of their works, and a large number of elective supplementary lectures in relation to history and the genres of literature.

Every student in our department has the opportunity to become a teacher of English language, a translator, a researcher etc. For other students, Master programmes of several fields in social sciences provide opportunities to seek careers in diverse types of teaching, publishing, management, public relations and journalism.

Our department has recruited some of the most highly qualified international staff with outstanding skills in teaching and conducting research in interdisciplinary areas. Our staff has expertise in a wide range of literatures, not only in British Literature, but also American Literature, Comparative Literature, Translation Methodologies, and drama.

Our undergraduate and Master programme is flexible including a broad variety of elective and compulsive subject options. Our professional team of lecturers is friendly and easily reachable for any research-based guidance, sharing a viewpoint or idea and solving individual problems students might run into in the course of their studies. For beneficial and fruitful results, the courses, lectures and seminars are based on small-group student interaction, therefore, all students will benefit thoroughly from them.