Course Title : Introduction to Linguistics
Code Course
Credits ECTS
ELL 104-1 A 2 3 0 0 3.00 5
Lecturer and Office Hours
Teaching Assistant and Office Hours
Language English
Course Level
Description This is an introduction to theory and methodology of Linguistics, which is considered to be the scientific study of language. Students will gain knowledge about different branches of Linguistics such as – Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax and Semantics. This will be achieved by exploring the most complex nature of human language from social and biological point of view. We will consider language as an element of human knowledge and will develop required information to understand and analyze language.
Objectives Scientific view of human language. Language will be considered as a system of structure form and understanding. Biological, psychological, cultural and social aspects will be also taken into consideration. Connections between language and education will be also analyzed.
Course Outline
1Introduction to the discipline of linguistics Universal properties of language
2Morphology: The study of word structure: the morpheme
3Morphology: word analysis, word-formation; affixation
4Syntax sentence analysis; building a syntax tree (selected exercises)
5Syntax sentence analysis; building a syntax tree (selected exercises)
6Phonetics: the sounds of language
7Phonology: the study of sound structure
8Midterm exam
9Semantics: the meaning of language
10Semantics: the meaning of language
11Pragmatics: language in context
12Pragmatics: language in context
13Psychology of language
14First language acquisition
15Students' Presentations
16Final Exam
Other References
Laboratory Work -
Computer Usage -
Other -
Learning Outcomes and Competences
1Students acquaintance with conceptual foundation of linguistics
2Students equipment with basic knowledge in micro-linguistic
3Students awareness on linguistic issues and solve exercises in each sub-discipline
4Full competence and ability to discern between disciplines
5Students ability to analyse and make subtle judgement on micro-linguistic issues
Course Evaluation Methods
In-term studies Quantity Percentage
Term Projects120
Contribution of in-term studies to overall grade75
Contribution of final examination to overall grade25
ECTS (Allocated Based on Student) Workload
Activities Quantity Duration
Total Workload
Course Duration (Including the exam week : 16 x Total course hours) 16348
Hours for off-the-classroom study (Pre-study, practice) 14342
Assignments 2816
Midterms 188
Final examination 11515
Other 000
Total Work Load 129
Total Work Load / 25 (hours) 5.16

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